Apr 11, 2015

Driftwood Hanging For Kids To Learn Their Colors

Collecting driftwood is something I enjoy doing while strolling the beach. Finding those perfect pieces for a project is part of the fun.

I made this nature inspired color hanging for the children in my pre-k class last year.


Walk On The Beach And Find- 
1 large piece of driftwood
10 small pieces of driftwood

Visit The Store And Purchase-
12 eye hooks
10 split key rings
10 screw hooks
Acrylic Gloss Paints 

Wash the driftwood in water and dry.
Paint the small driftwood pieces and let dry.
Paint the small driftwood with second coat and let dry.
Screw a eye hook into one end of each of the small pieces of driftwood. 
Attach a split key ring to each of the eye hooks on the small driftwood pieces.

Attach the screw hooks on the bottom of the large piece of driftwood.
Screw the other 2 eye hooks into the top of the large driftwood.
Tie the jute to the eye hooks for hanging.

Children can now use their small motor skills to hang and learn the colors. They can also use their imagination and "play" with the colored driftwood.

Extend their learning by writing the word on a piece of paper and have the child take the colored driftwood from the hook and match it to the written word.